Premier Weddings with DJ Romantics




Our wireless battery powered uplights when used correctly can lift a space to its full aesthetic potential. The lights can be set to solid colors during lower energy times such as dinner and then set to a party mode during dance time. Each song has its own custom programmed light show to help encourage your guests to dance while creating epic moments!

Ceremony Audio

We will provide the perfect sound system for your ceremony, including microphones. We can have pre-ceremony, otherwise known as “prelude” music going while your guests are arriving and once it's time for the ceremony to begin, we will make sure to play the correct music you’ve selected.

Social Photo Booths

The best option for anyone looking for something fun for their guests to do in those moments when they aren't dancing. Our social photobooth can take photos, videos, GIFs and boomerangs. The best part is it instantly sends it to your guests phone or email. A custom photo booth overlay will be created specific to your event.

Additional Speakers

If you’re looking for a speaker in a separate space such as a distant barn, or perhaps the entrance way, we can certainly bring extra gear to make sure that every guest can hear every moment.

Custom Song Edit

Many couples plan special dances for the formal dances to help spice up those milestone moments. This can take practice so it's helpful to have the custom song edit available for you to use while practicing and we are happy to make these for you.

Dance Floor Lighting

We bring extra lighting to make dance time fun but we are never over the top. We aim to enhance every moment in a unique way while also coordinating with our adjacent vendors such as photographers/videographers to offer them photo worthy opportunities. We don’t use lasers of any kind and we often get compliments from vendors on how awesome our light show is.

Live Musicians

If you’re looking to take your ceremony, cocktail hour or even reception to the next level, you NEED to have a live musician. We have several acoustic guitarists, bass players, saxophonists, percussionists and more that are certain to make your celebration more lively..

Dancing on The Clouds

Spending your first dance atop a cloud is a surefire way of getting some truly incredible photographs and videos. Our low lying fog machine uses dry ice and hot water to create big fluffy clouds that seriously provide a wow factor!

C02 Cannons

High energy dance moments are great times to take out our fun c02 blaster. This
spray a cloud of c02 clouds over your guests heads for that Las Vegas music festival feel! It
really takes an average celebration and makes it unforgettable.


Displaying you and your partner's name on a wall of your venue or on the dancefloor is a great way to personalize your celebration. Your guests will be sure to notice it and will likely feel more connected to the event.