Unforgettable Dancefloors with DJ Romantics


Meet Our Team

DJ Romantics. The owner and operator of the company. The man that never sleeps, but somehow always seems well rested and sharp as a tack. The man that will get literally anything done in order to give his clients 100% pure satisfaction. Wyatt spends most of his weekdays planning, prepping, and reading. On the weekends, Wyatt can usually be found DJing events for the company. A busy man, but never too busy for a text message or a quick call. He prides himself on being as responsive as possible. He started DJing over 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back. He loves reading crowds and playing songs that will make your guests flood to the dance-floor. He can host your event with his simple and clean MC style.


Wedding & Event DJ/MC

Modern Pop 60min Dinner Mixed by Wyatt
Doors Open 2022 Mixed by Wyatt

Eric is one of NYC’s most sought after entertainers. He owns and operates Evolving Events NYC, and is kind enough to do events with us as well. He’s been DJing upscale events for the last 15 years and has tremendous experience in packing dancefloors with even the most skeptical crowds. His polish MC style results in a smooth flowing event and high energy on the dance floor. I can confidently say, booking Eric will be the best decision you make in regards to your private event. There are few entertainers that can navigate the toughest events quite like him. He is flexible, professional and always goes above and beyond for his clients.


Wedding & Event DJ/MC

Wedding Mix
Workout Mix

Thaddeus, also known as DJ Tswag is a true party rocker in every sense of the word. We love his passion for throwing awesome events and packing dance floors while always letting his personality shine! Thaddeus loves any music that will get your guests having fun but as for what would get Thaddeus on the dancefloor at his own wedding…well he loves hip-hop and the throwbacks. If you want a fun and upbeat DJ to make your event great, Thaddeus doesn't disappoint.


Wedding & Event DJ/MC

Wedding Mix By Thaddeus

Nick goes by DJ NVision and is a super valuable asset to our team as he not only DJs for us, but he also helps with some of the technical magic in the background of our events. He’s been DJing professionally for over 8 years! He can be seen rocking weddings, but also large school dances and sweet 16s! His detail-oriented and technical view on events is sure to make your event look and sound great, and his crowd reading and mixing abilities are sure to pack your dance floor. Nick loves all genres but has a personal love for 2010s EDM and fun remixes.


Wedding & Event DJ/MC

Wedding Mix by Nick
School Dance Mix by nick

Kyle is so talented that he actually wears several hats for our team. Not only is he a polished MC and assistant, but he is also a lifelong musician! As a super talented acoustic guitarist and saxophone player, we recruit his talents for weddings often. He and his identical twin brother, Cody, make up a duo called “aCoustiK”, and can also be seen all over the Capital Region performing with the Erin Harkes Band. During the week, Kyle is a music teacher for a local private school in Troy, NY. He would love to play during your ceremony or cocktail hour and give your guests something unique to enjoy.


MC, Assistant, Musician

Private Party Mix by Kyle

When he’s not touring with the fast-rising Aaron Rizzo, Tristen can be found teaching Bass at the Ithaca College’s School of Music. Tristen is a multi talented musician specializing in string instruments. He also is a pretty amazing assistant on most of our weddings/events. His raw passion for doing events is outwardly obvious; he really enjoys being on events. He prides himself on being helpful where possible on events, whether that means holding the door for the catering staff to bring food out or cleaning up broken glass on the dancefloor, Tristen is the backbone & unsung hero to most of our events. When the event is over, Tristen can be found sneaking a cupcake or a plate of desert for his drive back to the warehouse.


Assistant, Musician

Dreams into Diamonds by Tristen
Never Gonna Be Alone by Tristen

An all around FUN TIME of a person. One of our most helpful assets, Gary is always super friendly and excited to help. He took an interest in DJing way back in highschool and has been practicing ever since. One of Gary’s favorite things about DJing is being able to combine songs that sound great together. He loves using clever song selection and proper mixing techniques to ensure your guests never leave the dance floor. If you’re looking for a DJ with a great personality who can get your guests up and dancing, Gary is a solid pick!


Assistant, DJ

Wedding Dance Mix by Gary

Meet Mackenzie 🙂 She can always be found smiling from ear to ear. With a smile as contagious as hers, it's one of the many reasons she is in charge of our smile-booth. She oversees and looks after all of our photobooth operations. She will call you before your event to get an idea of what you’d like your customized overlay to look like. She really enjoys making each photobooth overlay unique to the event and guest(s) of honor. Mackenzie will be waiting at the booth for you, so grab a prop and don’t forget to smile!


Photobooth Manager